Lost Collections of the Ancient World

Conclusion (We Hope Not)...

After identifying the collections and finishing the research, Katie Urban and Paige Glenen co-curated a temporary exhibit at the Museum of Ontario Archaeology in July and August 2011.   

However, the end of our exhibit should not be the end of the story. It has been our frustrating pleasure to work with these artefacts and we have tried very hard to re-trace the timeline and fill in the blanks. There are still many research possibilities contained within these collections, and we hope others will enjoy the mystery as much as we have.


Katie & Paige  

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Comments from the Exhibit Guestbook  

"Excellent exhibit! It is amazing to have such a great exhibit right here in London. I am very impressed with the amount of detail and visuals done without much funding. I hope you find out about the 'dormouse jar'. Congratulations! 

"Great job guys! Amazing find!"

"Great exhibit - I remember looking at these artifacts 20 years ago in artifact storage and dreaming of seeing them on display someday! I always wondered why the Museum ended up with Guildhall Museum artifacts."

"Amazing! I hope you find a permanent spot for it."

"This is the less glamorous but just as exciting side of Archaeology. Great work!"
                    -Gerry and Pam

"Learned about dormice as a food source! Thanks! ☺ Great exhibit. Way to unravel the mystery..."
                   -Alice (Alliston, ON)

"I find the Mystery pot very interesting."

"Thank you for displaying these artifacts - great to have such treasures displayed in our city" 

"We had a great time ☺Thanks"

"We feel honoured to be here for this exhibit - most interesting"
                  -Margaret and Bill

Thank You

We must say a huge Thank You to all the people who have helped us with the collection, and the exhibits along the way:

Anne Tremblay-Pedersen

Dr. Bob Pearce

Brenna Adiel

Don Ardiel

Dr. Elizabeth Greene

Erin Stewart

Janine Alonso

Dr. Karljürgen Feuerherm

Krista Carson

Maya Hirschman

Robin Cooke

Sharann martin

Sienna Taylor

Tom Belton

To anyone I missed - Thank you too!


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