Lost Collections of the Ancient World

The Discovery!

The collections were discovered during the relocation of the Museum’s collections' storage in January 2011. 

Included with the artefacts was a card identifying them as “Old World Roman.”

These artefacts offered us the opportunity to go back to our roots in European archaeology, and we couldn’t resist the chance to further study the collection.

Little did we know, that our knowledge of Middle Eastern archaeology was going to come in very handy. 

There have been numerous twists and turns to this mystery and the story behind these collections has turned out to be far more exciting than we ever thought!

Click here to see a video entitled, "Hidden Histories: Why You Should Always Dig a Little Deeper!" 

'Ubaid' period stone celt from Reijebeh X near Ur

Stone celt from Reijiebeh X near Ur

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A Spout from a Roman Mortarium c. 200 C.E. - London, UK

Roman Amphora rim spout c. 200 CE

Example of a complete mortarium (mortar). These were used along with a pestle in food preparation.

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Ubaid period c. pottery vessel from the tombs at Ur

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